Friday, June 18, 2010


This includes the split 7" with Scarab & the Self-Titled CD on Alone Records, which is truly one of my favorite albums ever. This album was an important part of Long Island punk for me. This is Alone Records number four. Split 7" w/ Scarab on Motherbox Records. Good old melodic, East Coast jawbox/hellbender type pop-punk with great lyrics. This is one of the most criminally underrated albums ever and is a true lost gem... Listen for yourself. -Mike


This is the first of many posts to come, reviews, and more. I'm just getting started here.


  1. Dear Mike Dumps as these 2 first albums you have blessed us with are phenomenal and over the moon is there any way you could do one of yer next upcoming entrys in this great tell all of all the bands that are always amazing that you either talk about mention or recomend, could you do a blog and provide a link for DL about the amazing band ALLERGIC TO BULLSHIT. Ive combed the web thru and thru and can not find one song to even DL by these guys nor have I come across any of there material to buy in any distro ive ever checked! You made a mix cd for me back some time ago with the song "LAYERS" by this great punk band and it is one of the catchiest tunes ever and ive never really heard nothing else by them and would love to hear as much by them as I can or if you now where I can purchase any of there material that would be even better!!

    Thanks Mike Dumps Blog

  2. I've got a couple of 7" by them not sure if they did anything else....

  3. actually they did a split 7" with scarab, and another 7" single. but most of the songs reappeared on this album. theres a bunch of unreleased songs too, i have a cdr somewhere the band gave me... gotta find it!

  4. Awesome. Thanks for posting this and sharing the link. My records are locked up 3000 miles away and I've been looking for a source of Greensleep music.

    ...shut up Mike. Appreciate this. ;)

  5. I do appreciate this bozo, It's my blog. Ha =)

  6. Cool find.. I'm In Syracuse and this was once on my daily playlist.. diggin it all over again..