Wednesday, July 28, 2010


So here's what is probably one of my favorite pop-punk full-length albums ever, by one of my favorite pop-punk bands of the 90's, Doc Hopper. "Aloha" is the band's first LP (1994) and was released themselves on their own, Ringing Ear Records. Ringing Ear put out a bunch of awesome 90's pop-punk gems you'll see popping up every now again on this blog, as I'm a huge fan. Classic east coast pop-punk, melodic & fast. They were from Maine & (later on) Boston. Enjoy this and grab the vinyl somewhere on ebay for cheap. Soo fucking good! One of the best of the 90's, get on this shit. Dudes also played/play in: Sinkhole, Groucho Marxists.



  1. Love this record. Picked it up when I saw them play at U of Arts in Philly and have been listening to it ever since.